CrossFit Games Athlete Sets Challenge for ALL Kipping Pull Up Internet Trolls

Jacob Heppner posted the following Pull-Up Complex for Athletes below, with a video of him completing the routine.

3 total rounds of:

4 rounds:
– Arch/Hollow
– Kipping Pull-up
– Butterfly Pull-up – Kipping C2BPU
– Butterfly C2BPU
*Must Be Unbroken throughout the 4 rounds portion.

In anticipation of the inevitable chorus of internet trolls that would denounce these types of Pull-Ups because they don’t understand the difference between them and strict, he set the following challenge:

“Internet Trolls see below ⬇️⬇️⬇️”

“If you say anything on the lines of “Fake Pull-ups” then I expect to see a video on your IG page of your max UB set of “real” pull-ups meaning STRICT….and I guarantee I can still beat your score there also ?”

Simple Exercise to Improve your Pull Ups

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