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Naked and Proud: 5 Inspiring Messages on Body Image from Top Female CrossFit Athletes

CrossFit is an exceptionally powerful force for driving a positive shift towards body image, for men and women, being viewed in a more constructive way. Namely that performance comes first. Despite that ideal, we all have insecurities, so here are 5 great messages from top female CrossFit Athletes to put the theory into practice in their own unique way. 

CrossFit Games Athlete Jamie Hagiya Poses Naked for Project 

CrossFit Games athlete Jamie Hagiya posed naked in order to inspire confidence in people to accept and love their body whatever shape it is in.

“I’ve gotten so many inspiring messages from men and women about loving their bodies that I’m teaming up with @rxsmartgear and @leftcoastvibesco(photos by @michaelbrianphoto ) to bring to you the #RXSGbodypositivityproject ?

A project to encourage ourselves (and one another) to be comfortable in our own skin and to love all our “imperfections” because that’s what makes each one of us unique and beautiful.

I’ve found that speaking and sharing my truth (and trust me, I know this is extremely difficult), has helped me tremendously with this process. As well as hearing other’s stories, as I know I’m not alone. I’ll be posting one picture, along with a message about my journey to self love, everyday for the next 5 days.”


Jamie Hagiya is a hugely positive force in regards to this issue. And has inspired many people, both male and female, all around the world. 

“I’m going to address something that has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s a hard subject for me since I struggle with body image issues but here goes nothing. 
My body does not look like all the other @crossfitgames female athletes with crazy ripped abs and zero body fat on their stomachs. I wish I could look like that, but I’ve come to the realization that this is my body. 

I work my ass off in training everyday. I eat clean for the most part, but am human and love to indulge in dessert every now and then. I’m in the best shape of my life and still don’t have a six pack. Not even close to a 4 lol. 

Some of it is genetics and the other part is I could eat less calories to try to look like everyone else. But the bottom line is I need to eat to perform. I can’t worry about trying to look like a “Games” athlete because having a six pack doesn’t always make for the best athlete. 

So for anyone who thinks they need to look a certain way to be a Regionals or Games competitor, you don’t. Stay on the grind and keep doing you!”


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