National Champions Set Up Fundraisers for the 2019 Games

The 2019 CrossFit Games are bound to be the most diverse ones to date. National Champions from all over the world have been invited to be part of the Games.

Many countries will see their appearance at the biggest stage in the CrossFit calendar for the first time this year.

Athletes have to finance their way to Madison; this includes travel expenses, accommodation, competition entry and food, between other costs.

Looking for the stories behind these new faces, we’ve found a couple of fundraisers that we now share with you.

Here’s a few National Champions you might be able to help get to Madison this summer.

Thelma Christoforou

Cyprus, 87th

Thelma is the first individual Cypriot crossfit athlete who qualified for the Crossfit Games in Madison USA. Help Thelma raise money to cross the transatlantic and compete in Crossfit Games 2019.

Find her fundraiser here.

David Morley

Bahamas, 11,225th

Support the fittest man in the Bahamas participate in the 2019 Crossfit Games in Madison, Wisconsin as the first Bahamian to ever be invited to the event in the sports history.

David needs help raising funds in order to send him and his coach to the CrossFit Games! All athletes are responsible for paying their way, including admittance fees, tickets for the event, accommodations, flights, etc.. Thank you for your support!

Find his fundraiser here.

Edmund Tan

Malaysia, 5,380th

Competing in the Reebok CrossFit Games is the ultimate goal of every crossfitter, so when I knew that I am the very first athlete representing my home country Malaysia to compete in the Games this year, I was like ‘walao’ (Malaysian slang for ‘wow’).

You can donate to Tan’s fundraiser here.

Kira Oliver

Barbados, 2,488th

“Every kid dreams of representing their country at something, I’m 37 and I get to do it. It’s pretty special.”

The result took me completely by surprise as I’ve trained with many of the girls at home, they are an inspirational and exceptional group of women and athletes, and I would like to make them and my country proud.   But being that it was a complete surprise, I have not factored this in to our lives at all.  And it would be a dream come true to compete a the Crossfit Games for my country, and for Ward’s Gym. I don’t like asking for help financially but if you are in a position to help at all I would be most grateful.

Find her fundraiser here.

Richy Jordan

Barbados, 7,646th

I have recently won the Fittest man in Barbados and have been  invited to the Reebok Crossfit Games 2019 in Madison, Wisconsin USA
July 29 .

In order to do that I need YOUR help  to raise money for travel (flight, visa and accommodation).

Find his fundraiser here.

Do you know of any other athletes looking for help? Just send their names over.

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