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Find Out Who Won The CrossFit Open Workout 18.2 Live Announcement


So firstly, let’s remind ourselves of what CrossFit Open Workout 18.2 is:

A two part workout with a 12 minute time cap.

The first part is 18.2.

CrossFit 18.2

  • 1 x Dumbbell Squat
  • 1 x Bar Facing Burpee
  • 2 x Dumbbell Squat
  • 2 x Bar Facing Burpee
  • 3 x Dumbbell Squat
  • 3 x Bar Facing Burpee
  • 4 x Dumbbell Squat
  • 4 x Bar Facing Burpee
  • Complete ladder up to 10 reps of both exercise

The dumbbell Squats will involve holding a dumbbell in each hand. 

  • Male 50 lb
  • Female 35 lb

Pat and NoahSource: CrossFit Inc
Pat and Noah

The second part is 18.2.

After Completing 18.2 Go Straight into 18.2 A

Use the remaining time from the 12 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean

Your score is a combination of both parts of the workout.


Noah was the first to finish 18.2. As a shorter athlete he had a faster squat. Pat Vellner performed his burpees at a quicker pace however a late no rep on the burpees cost him time and allowed Noah to take the win for the first section on the WOD. Pat’s advice afterwards was candid and concise:

“You can go always go faster on the burpees, you just don’t want to”


After giving themselves a minute to let their heart rate drop, both athletes started with a 220 lb Clean. They then moved to 275 and completed that lift with ease as well. The remaining lifts went as follows.

  • Noah fails 300
  • Pat hits 305
  • Noah hits 301
  • Pat fails 325
  • Pat hits 325
  • Noah hits 311

Pat Vellner wins 18.2A.

It is interesting to note that both athletes started with about 60% of their 1rm, so this can be worth thinking about for your own performance.

Open Workout 18.2ASource: CrossFit Inc

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