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Pat Vellner’s Top Moments From The 2018 CrossFit Games

Favorite Moment 4: Fibonacci Fans

The Fibonacci event this year stands out to me for a couple of reasons. Initially I wasn’t super pumped to be redoing an event at the games, half the fun is the novelty of the events each year, but i had done a lot more parallette work this year and was excited to test myself.

It was only Friday and I felt as though I had already suffered more mishaps than I would like to in a whole season. I was a little frustrated, but ready to keep trucking.

I started to notice about halfway through the event that whenever we would transition movements and I was keeping a close gap with @mathewfras , that the fans would erupt in cheers. When I closed out my last set of deadlifts the roar from the crowd gave me goosebumps. I’ve never really noticed the crowd much during events and this was really a first for me. It was sort of a surreal feeling. With everything that had happened so far I could feel the fans rallying behind me and willing me forward to chase down the champ. In that moment I really felt like the crowd had picked me as their guy to go after Fraser. It pulled me forward and I took another top finish to end the day and was one of only 4 men to complete the event this year. That was a huge win for me and a massive, much needed mental reset.

Obviously things didn’t end as closely as I would have liked overall in the competition, but something about that cheer stuck with me and really motivated me for the rest of the weekend. It really made me feel like the “people’s champ” that the announcers keep talking about. It just made me deeply happy. Those are the moments that we work for, so thank you. Next year it’ll be a real race, I promise.


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