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Pat Vellner Wins Event 5 at 2021 CrossFit Games

"Pat is so strong."

Canadian Pat Vellner takes another event win after smashing away the competition on the North Park in Madison.

Event 5

4 rounds for time:

4 rope clims

500 ski erg

Sandbag carry

The Workout

Jayson Hopper started strong but faded towards the end.

Brent Fikoski worked his way up into the top five then tried to chase down Pat Vellner. Ultimately Pat’s speed on the rope climbs and quick transitions earned him victory.

Henrik Haapalainen and fellow Finn Jonne Koski fought it out all the way to the finish line.

The workout featured one of the heaviest sandbags the competitors have ever had to lift.

The shape is based on the famous Husafell Stone from Iceland.

“The Húsafell Stone is a lifting stone located in Húsafell, Iceland. The stone weighs 186 kg (409 lb) and was kept near a sheep pen built by reverend Snorri Björnsson over two hundred years ago.

The stone has been used as a test of strength by either simply lifting the stone, or by lifting and carrying the stone around the goat pen where it is located.

The Húsafell Stone is known as pen slab (Kvíahellan) in Iceland, as it was used as a door to the sheep pens. 

Someone who could only lift the stone up to their knees would be lazybones, those who could lift it up to the waist would be considered half-strong, and a full-strong could lift it up to the breast and walk with it around the perimeter of the sheep pen.”

Watch all the events here.

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