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Perfect 12-Minute Kettlebell Workout for Faster Fat Loss

Regardless of whether you can squat double your bodyweight and bench just as much, if your metabolic conditioning is low you’ve got yourself a glaring gap in your fitness.

Some people might be fine with this, but if you want to become a well-rounded athlete, pieces like this 12-minute kettlebell workout should feature in your training just as much as strength sessions.

Kettlebell training is incredibly versatile and allows you to improve your strength, speed, explosiveness, and conditioning.

Improve your performance and aesthetics with this 12-minute kettlebell workout for faster fat loss.

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12-Minute Kettlebell Workout for Faster Fat Loss

This is a quick, high intensity workout. Ensure your heart rate stays elevated throughout and challenge yourself. Rest no longer than two minutes between sets.

Perform 5 rounds of:

Kettlebell snatch5 reps per arm
Kettlebell thruster5 reps per arm
Kettlebell goblet squat5 reps
Single arm kettlebell swing5 reps per arm

Kettlebell snatch

“Grip it and Rip it, Nothing beats the snatch for expressing your inner savage.

“There is nothing that satisfies the primal urges like a snatch. Gripping and ripping a weight from the floor and throwing it overhead brings out the inner caveman in all of us.

“Aside from that, there are many benefits to performing the snatch. The cross over to sports and athletic performance make this a must for any athlete looking to get more out of an exercise,” writes kettlebell expert Luke Downing.

Kettlebell thruster

“The biggest bang for your buck possible. It’s hard to find a movement that brings a greater response from the body than the thruster,” says coach Downing. “Squatting your Kettlebell before explosively pressing overhead is the ultimate display of primal power.”

Goblet squat

“The Squat in one form or another should be the foundation of any good program. If the Swing is the King of the kettlebell jungle, the squat is the emperor of the rest of the fitness world,” writes coach Downing.

Single arm kettlebell swing

“The Kettlebell Swing is the Swiss Army Knife of exercises, It is a total body strength and conditioning workout in one single movement,” says coach Downing. “When it comes to single Kettlebell exercises, there is nothing more important than the Kettlebell Swing. It is the king of Kettlebell movements.”

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How often should you do this kind of training?

If you’re trying to lean down quicker, add more volume to your training week. This means performing workouts like this kettlebell workout two to three times per week.

Your body adapts to the demands you place upon it, so gradually increasing volume will continue to yield results.

Additionally, make sure your training is specific to the goal that you have.

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