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PR your Snatch: 3 Brain-Focused Workouts from CrossFit Games Masters Athlete Ben Alderman

You’ve probably heard of Ben Alderman — he finished 9th overall at the CrossFit Games (35-39 division), and now his novel coaching strategies are taking the CrossFit community by storm.

This year, Ben is trying something new — shifting his training to focus on the brain, not just the body. He’s now training with Halo Sport 2, the brain stimulator that helps athletes develop muscle memory faster.

Source: Halo

With a big family and a demanding job, waking up at 5am to train is difficult. But with Halo Sport, Ben is able to get better results from each training session, increase his intensity, and get in the zone. As a result, he’s pushed past long-standing plateaus in his Snatch.

“The reality is, when you put on the headset, you increase your body’s ability to learn. I’m always going to wear this to stay in that state of learning and improvement.” – Ben Alderman

How does Halo Sport work?

Halo Sport is a brain stimulator designed to help athletes of all kinds learn movements faster by increasing your brain’s neuroplasticity. This is called hyperplasticity, or hyperlearning. By pairing Halo Sport with training, you can create and strengthen motor pathways faster.

Source: Halo

The headset works by applying a small electric current to the part of the brain that controls movement, called the motor cortex, activating neurons so they fire more often when you train. The more neurons fire, together, the faster pathways are built in your brain. That means quicker development of muscle memory, strength, and endurance. Users simply wear the headset for 20 minutes as they are warming-up. For the next hour, the brain is in a state of hyperlearning, where every repetition is more meaningful. 

Source: Halo

Since launching the first product in 2016, Halo is now being used by athletes ranging from beginners to professionals, and is used across CrossFit, triathlon, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, Olympics, and the military. 

Learn more at haloneuro.com.

Source: Halo

3 brain-focused workouts to PR your Snatch

“The Snatch is quite possibly the toughest barbell movement out there, but it offers a great deal as well. It’s also my favorite lift. Finding new ways to progress in this lift is essential. Given the complexity of the movement and the amount of muscle coordination involved, I think it’s the perfect movement to train with Halo Sport.” – Ben Alderman

Try Ben’s top 3 Snatch workouts.

Warm up with Halo Sport before every Snatch session:

9-6-3 of each with a PVC pipe or, if experienced, an empty barbell

  • High Hang Snatch Pull
  • Low Hang Muscle Snatch
  • Snatch Land
  • Snatch Balance

Snatch Workout 1

Build to a heavy complex of 2 Snatch lift-offs+1 Snatch

Then 5×1 Snatch at 1 rm of the above complex

4 sets of :15 weighted hip ext hold+10 weighted hip extensions

Snatch Workout 2: 

Build to a heavy complex of 1 Snatch grip deadlift+1 Power Snatch

Then 10 x 1 Power Snatch at 1 rm of the above complex

Snatch Workout 3:

1 Snatch every minute on the minute for 20 minutes. 

Simple but try to get as heavy as possible but not miss at all in the 20 minutes.

Improve your training now

Source: Halo

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