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8 Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises for Everyone that can’t MU Yet

Add these into your training.

4. Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises – Band Assisted Pull Ups

Pull up bands offset your bodyweight so you can perform the full range of motion for a traditional pull up.

As you get stronger, you’ll need less assistance from the band and can use a lighter version. The idea is to transition away from any kind of band in the long run into performing completely unassisted pull ups.

Never use them 100% of the time, but band assisted pull ups can be a helpful tool in your quest to improve your pull ups, and then further along your mission towards Ring Muscle Ups.

5. Ring Muscle Up Alternative Exercises – Chest to Bar Pull Ups

The chest to bar pull-up can be done using strict form in which the lifter minimizes momentum, or done using a kip, referred to as a kipping chest to bar pull-up.

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