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WATCH: How Much Cardio Does the World’s Fittest Woman Do in a Day?

How much cardio does the world's fittest woman do in a day? Tia-Clair Toomey is here to answer that question.

Looking to snatch her fifth CrossFit Games title in 2021, Fittest on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey is now deep into Games training with less than a month left. But how much cardio does the world’s fittest need to do in a day?

While cardio isn’t the most loved part of CrossFit and weight training, it is an incredibly important component. As a result, Tia and her trainer/husband Shane Orr are spending lots of time on track working on Tia’s running race pace for the upcoming Games — and shared there workout over on their YouTube channel.

How Much Cardio Does the World’s Fittest Woman Do in a Day?

Heading into the final leg of the CrossFit season, Tia is currently training lots outside the gym, as the Games tests an athlete’s running capacity a lot more than a usual CrossFit session.

When asked how much running Tia is currently doing in a week, Shane says he wants to have three dedicated sessions of running a week. Some weeks are between 17-20km a week, but others can be 22-27km per week.

Tips For Cardio Training from Tia-Clair Toomey

  • Put your ego to one side

Stay true to your paces and not push too hard at the beginning of your workout.

“It’s really easy to either go too hard at the start and then sell yourself too early in the piece, in the backend when you have that lactic acid build up that really starts to affect your paces and essentially make the workout a lot harder.”

  • Don’t forget hydration and recovery

You can push the rest period to help get your heart rate up, and it’s really important to stay hydrated.

Tia makes sure she drinks at least 3/4 of a bottle before the session so she is well hydrated throughout. During each part of the session she will have a mouthful of water to make sure she stays feeling good throughout.

  • Eat enough calories

During the two session presented in the video, Tia estimates she burns around 3,800 calories; which means she needs to consume that much — if not more — during the day.

You can check out how she manages this in another video chronicling how much food the fittest woman on Earth needs to eat in a day.

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