Sam Briggs Fires Back at Commentator that Accuses Her of Using Steroids

After the second Open Workout, Sam posted this photo.

It attracted negative attention from a few trolls. One commentator then wrote to Sam. And Sam replied to his comment: 

The commentator replied back to Sam.

Elliot Simmonds then Reposted Her Post

“I’m lucky enough to know @bicepslikebriggs personally. She is one of the coolest, most genuine and hardworking humans I have ever met. It’s a shame that there are so many half wits with nothing better to do than make shit head comments on social media. I know it’s easier said than done mate but just remember these people are sad and miserable bastards ??”

Check out Sam before she started CrossFit by clicking on the article link below:

20 Amazing Body Transformations of CrossFit Games Athletes

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