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Excellent Leg Exercises to Build Strength, Power and Muscle for CrossFit Athletes

Strong and powerful legs are a pre-requisite for any serious athlete. Use this 7 exercises to build strength, muscle and also to improve your Squats.

Join the HYROX Virtual Championships of Fitness, Starting Today

This is the first official qualifying event for the HYROX World Championships in April 2021!

Genetics in CrossFit – Does It Even Matter?

Certain genetic traits are favoured by certain sports, meaning that some people are off to a natural advantage. In some sports, this genetic ‘edge’ can be huge, but with CrossFit encompassing such a wide variety of movements, what role does genetics play in the sport?

How to Watch the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival and Athletes to Watch

Kicking off on Thursday February 20, Wodapalooza, one of the biggest competitions in the CrossFit calendar has once again attracted a stacked field of athletes.

Starting a Box Abroad – And the Unlikely Events that Followed

This is the fascinating story of Loris Ditta, the Italian CrossFit athlete who opened Vietnam’s first CrossFit Affiliate and now lives – and trains – in the Netherlands.

How to Qualify to Next Season’s Many Sanctionals

With 28 Sanctionals lined up for next season it’d be easy to lose oversight, but a few have teamed up to streamline the qualification process for athletes and make planning for the season ahead easier. Here's what we know so far.

Fittest Man in India is Grateful for the Support Received in the Run Up to the CrossFit Games

“India is full of warm-hearted people and they’re sending me messages full of love, saying they believe in me and that they’re looking forward to seeing me at the Games and that they’re proud of me. Little things like this make a lot of difference.”

Roman Khrennikov Denied Visa for CrossFit Games Again

The Russian athlete qualified to the Games after his performance at the Dubai CrossFit Championship and won the Italian Showdown later in the season.

The Fittest Woman in Kenya is Proud to Fly her Country’s Flag at the CrossFit Games

Sheena Miller only discovered CrossFit two and a half years ago and has gone through an incredible journey since.

5 Fears People Have About Trying CrossFit

Walking into a Box for the first time can be intimidating, but once you’re in, you’ll find an incredible community.
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