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Challenging Toes to Bar Abs Workouts for Athletes

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Toes to Bar Abs Workouts 3

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Step 3: Knee Raises

Feel read to move on from kipping levers? Great, let’s start focusing on getting your knees up. Don’t forget about the importance of lat and shoulder activation, and while levering back, lift up your knees towards your chest.

This movements of knees to chest (not touching your chest, just towards it) should be fluid, so that you can continue with the movement several times in a row.

Important: Knee raises does not mean knees to elbows. Your knees really only need to be coming up to around your belly button in order to get the feeling for this step in the toes to bar progression. As long as you are able to start lifting your legs (knees) to that point while maintaining your kip and control, then you’ve achieved the goal of step 3.

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