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Challenging Toes to Bar Abs Workouts for Athletes

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Toes to Bar Abs Workouts 4

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Step 4: Knees to Chest

Now it’s time to actually get those knees all the up to your chest, and past your belly button. Fluidity is going to be key once again. While moving into this step of the progression, think about aiming for your elbows, while kipping harder than in the previous steps. Kipping with more force will make sure that are able to get your torso out of the way as you past under the bar, so that your knees can then touch your chest.

Remember: Active both your shoulders and lats to achieve a strong kip.

The timing of your kip will also change at this point, as bringing your knees up higher is going to take longer. Focus on staying balanced and controlled: just because your kip is changing, doesn’t mean you should be adding any extra movement to the movement such as swings between reps, etc.

toes to bar tricksSource: RX'd Photography
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Sidenote: This is sometimes a point of contention, and you may be coached differently in your gym… but I personally have no issue with bending your knees during this step. In the long run, it’s going to help you cycle through the movement easier.

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