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4 Training Tips From Regionals Athlete Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s first Crossfit competion was a surprise; even to her. A good friend encouraged her to register and with no background in Crossfit she said „yes.“ Sara took second place in that contest. And, it´s no suprise that she got hooked on Crossfit. Today, Sara is ranked second place in Europe’s Reebok CrossFit Open (just behind Annie Thorisdottir) and is poised to set a few PR’s at Regionals in Copenhagen.

We caught up with Sara during her preparation for the Regionals to get four tips for anyone tenacious about Crossfit.

 1. Never give up

Training is tough. Skill-based movements like muscle-ups take a lot of practice and patience. However, if you want to win—you must do the work one rep at a time.

Sara’s tips:

Remember, your biggest competitor is just a name, not a super hero! Be confident that you are prepared to win. When you need more motivation, choose a song that pumps you up when you need it. My personal PR song is:

2. Warm-Up

Like many athletes, Sara learned that a strategic warm-up is crucial to prevent injury and to prepare the body to move. As a CrossFit Coach, Sara uses movements learned in study and relies on expert training tips from all over the world.

Sara’s tip:

Your warm-up routine should prepare your body for the movements in the WOD. For inspiration, I look to training companies like SKLZ. Check this out: How warm-up and recovery improve performance

 3. Recover

High intensity workouts can result in tight muscles and soreness. To help relieve the discomfort and to restore tissue to healthy function, Sara takes time everyday for muscle maintenance. Her go-to products are Barrel Rollers, the Massage Bar, Accu Balls and when time and money permit—a professional massage.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir
Sara Sigmundsdóttir: “It’s more important you take care of your body.”

Sara’s tip: Make time to roll out while you are watching TV or any other time you have free time. It’s more important you take care of your body when you have time than to stress about it right after a WOD. Furhtermore you should find the right foam roller for you: How to choose a foam roller

 4. Sleep

Get some Zzzzz’s to get faster? Maybe. Recent research suggests that sleeping for six to eight hours a night can make you faster. Sara still relies on training to improve speed and sleep to enhance recovery.

Sara’s tip: Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Do your best to go to sleep at the same time most nights and turn off all your electronics (even your smartphone) an hour before bed.

What does it mean for Sara to be ready?

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