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Training Tips, Positivity and Cultivating Happiness with Top CrossFit Games® Athlete Cole Sager

Cole Sager is one of CrossFit’s most consistent athletes, having competed at the CrossFit Games six consecutive times and finished in the top 10 thrice. His best career finish was 5th in 2018 and he also received the Spirit of the Games award in 2017.

He started CrossFit to “build a platform to influence lives in a way that inspired and motivated others to find their greatest passions and chase their biggest dreams,” and has made it his mission to “motivate others to be the kindest, hardest-working version of themselves.”

Below, he shares how he finds consistency, the importance of a positive mindset, why he doesn't tackle weaknesses every single day, and much more. Words are from Cole Sager.


When we have something that we’re competing for, it pushes us.

When you go about live, living and preparing the same way that you would when you have everything on the line.  What kind of things could you accomplish?

When I compete, everything gets dialled in; there isn’t a minute that goes by that isn’t accounted for. We dial everything in – let’s live and prepare for life the same way we would for competition.

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