West Coast Classic and Granite Games Officially Postponed

The West Coast Classic and the Granite Games announced they official postponement yesterday, February 4.

The previous Sanctional events have faced complications due to COVID-19 and haven’t determined replacement dates for the competitions yet.

“Our community in California has been through a tumultuous year. As we approach the year anniversary of the postponement of the inaugural West Coast Classic in Del Mar, we still face the challenges presented by COVID-19,” read West Coast Classic’s the Instagram post. “As we navigate the difficulties presented to live events and the season, we are announcing WCC’s official postponement.”


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Both events announced they’re hard at work to find new dates and have their communities coming together and competing again.

“We remain dedicated to health, fitness, and the safety of our community and appreciate the support from the athletes we miss so dearly,” the Granite Games posted. “The competition floor is waiting, keep training.”


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Their announcement follows the postponement of Wodapalooza to 2022, which was announced on January 14. “Wodapalooza is about community. Without community, we aren’t WZA,” the event posted on Instagram. “While we’d like nothing more than to converge in Miami for our 10th anniversary, due to a situation beyond our control, the annual celebration of Fitness, Community & Life will re-emerge in ’22.”

No indication to move the events online has been made yet. Keep your eyes on BOXROX for the latest updates.

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