WOW Stronger 2018 Recap – Crossfit meets Strongman In Iceland

WOW Stronger

WOW Stronger is a competition held in Iceland. This is the second time WOW held this competition and is has really grown since last time. Held by the Association of Icelandic CrossFit Affiliates (CFSÍ), the main sponsors of WOW Stronger are of course WOW Air, an airline based in Iceland and they use the opportunity to advertise the airline as well as the country of Iceland.

The airline owner Skúli Mogensen is a sporty guy and likes to have competitions. Another event held by WOW Air is WOW Cyclothon. There it is possible to compete as an individual or in part of a team and cycle the Ring Road of Iceland. The distance for the race is 1358 kilometers and the time cap is 72 hours.

WOW Stronger is a weekend event held in the beginning of the year in Reykjavík Iceland. WOW Stronger Competition is made up of teams of three, two male and one female. Because of the strongman challenges in this competition it is important to choose wisely which member fits each event.

“What makes WOW Stronger so different from other competitions? • “It’s like strongman + CrossFit mixed together for an incredible show.”

Last year was invite only but this year anyone could sign up and challenge themselves against some of the greatest CrossFit athletes in the world. First day was open, were everybody could try out and then the fittest of them would move on to the Sunday events. Where they competed against the top athletes.

The winning team was Team Annie.

Since the main sponsor is an Airline the winning team of course get flight tickets to a destination of their own choosing.

The teams in the final ranking order

  1. Team Annie- first place
  2. Third Wheel- second place
  3. Team BKG- third place
  4. Canadian Connection
  5. Team Tim
  6. Underdog

Team Annie

  • Annie Mist Thorisdóttir
  • Frederik Ægidius
  • Nick Bloch

Third Wheel Members

  • Björk Óðinsdóttir
  • Þröstur Ólason
  • Blaine McConnel

Team BKG Members

  • Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson
  • Nick Urankar
  • Liz Adams

Canadian Connection Members

  • Albert Dominique-Laroushe
  • Alex Vigneault
  • Laura Horvath

Team Tim

  • Tim Paulson
  • Jay Adams
  • Meg

Underdogs Members

  • Stefán Helgi Einarsson
  • Harpa Dögg Steindórsdóttir
  • Stefán Ingi Jóhannson

The main athletes

  • Albert Dominique-Laroushe
  • Alec Smith
  • Alex Vigneault
  • Annie Mist Thorisdóttir
  • Bjorgvin Karl Guðmundsson
  • Bjork Odinsdottir
  • Blaine McConnell
  • Cody Mooney
  • Frederik Aegidius
  • Jay Adams
  • Laura Horvath
  • Liz Adams
  • Nick Bloch
  • Nick Urankar
  • Thruster Ólason
  • Thuridur Helgadottir
  • Tim Paulson

The workouts for WOW STRONGER

Event 1 – Relay

Athlete 1 – male
Wheelbarrow 80kg (40m)
Farmers carry 130kg (40m)
Car pull (20m)

Athlete 2 – male
Wheelbarrow 60kg (40m)
Farmers carry 110kg (40m)
Car pull (20m)

Athlete 3 – female
Wheelbarrow 40kg (40m)
Farmers carry 70kg (40m)
Car pull (20m)

Score: for time
Time cap: 6min

Event 2
Sandbag run

Each athlete will get 90sek to get as many sandbags as they can over to the yoke, throw it over and carry it back. Each sandbag can only be carried once by the team.

Score: total weight of sandbags for the team

Event 3
Max max!

00:00 – 03:00 1RM Snatch (female)
03:00 – 06:00 1RM Clean (male)
06:00 – 09:00 1RM Jerk (male)

Score: total weight

Event 4
Individual event – short reset between athletes
4min timecap per athlete

Athlete 1
Light yoke carry 20m
9 burpees over yoke
Light yoke carry 20m
3x15ft rope climb
9 clean and jerks light weight (with log)

Athlete 2
Medium yoke carry 20m
7 burpees over yoke
Medium yoke carry 20m
2x15ft rope climb
7 clean and jerks medium weight (with log)

Athlete 3
Heavy yoke carry 20m
5 burpees over yoke
Heavy yoke carry 20m
1x15ft rope climb
5 clean and jerks heavy weight (with log)

Score: for time (combined)

S A T U R D A Y 
14:00 House opens
15:00 Event 1
15:30 Event 2
16:00 Event 3
16:40 Event 4
17:30 Finish

S U N D A Y 
14:00 House opens
15:00 Event 1
15:20 Event 2
15:40 Break
16:00 Event 3
16:30 Event 4
17:00 Finals
17:45 Prize ceremony

Final Event

“How about that four person Worm.

  •  Final event at WOW Stronger:
  • 2 Rounds DT with Worm
  • Then Grace (Male athlete) Isabel (Female athlete)
  • Miss Reykjavík – 30 Thrusters (Male athlete)
  • 3 Rounds DT with Worm
  • Oh yeah they used axle bars too… “

In the final event it was decided to use the 4 person worm. Usually there has been a 6 person worm used in the CrossFit Games but this year it will be the 4 person worm. Since WOW Stronger teams only had three members, they could choose one girl from another team to assist them with the worm.


Strongman Meets Crossfit: 7 Great Moments from WOW Stronger in Iceland

WOW Stronger

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