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10 Biggest Myths about Crossfit and Why they aren’t True


One criticism is that form suffers in the race against the clock. Of course it is possible to cheat your way through a workout using poor form. But any committed Crossfitter knows that poor form = a no rep, and that means no score. So if you want valid times that count, you need valid reps that matter.

Crossfit allows you to work closely with a qualified coach, who monitors your lifts and techniques and teaches you how to do them properly. They will help you to progress safely and effectively, whilst still maintaining the raw motivation to push you towards achieving new PRs.


The concept of ‘kipping’ generates a lot of controversy in other areas of training and sports, because it is often mistakenly seen as a failed attempt to do a strict rep. For the record, they are different variations of an exercise. A kipping Pull Up or Muscle Up is, of course, different from a strict version. They exist in separate categories.

Barbell Lifts

The main Olympic lifts such as the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, as well as the major strength lifts (Squat, Deadlift, Overhead and Bench Press) are simply too important to be done badly. Look around any ordinary gym, and often the power cages are fully of rounded shoulders on Deadlifts, or squats that don’t go anywhere near parallel at the very least. And don’t forget that guy who SHOULD be squatting yet always seems to be doing his 25th set of bicep curls in the powercage!

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