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Gain Strength, Build Muscle and Burn Fat with the ‘We Are Athletes’ Program

Get stronger, gain muscle and become leaner. The We Are Athletes Program provides you with functional strength and conditioning training, individualised nutrition plans, detailed video tutorials and 24hr support from our coaches. Time to act.


Full fitness package: Varied nutrition plans and effective strength & conditioning training, adapted to your individual fitness level and your goals.

Reach your goals: From loosing weight, gaining muscle mass or getting stronger.

For all fitness levels: The program is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced athletes.

Video tutorials: Over 150 detailed video tutorials for each of your exercises – including scaled options for beginners.

Your personal nutrition plan: Your coach creates all plans based on your goals and personal body type.

8 food options: Full access to 8 different nutrition options like omnivore with & without protein powder or fish, vegetarian, vegan and paleo plans.

Support: Our coaches will motivate you and give you 24/7 email support.

Use your program everywhere: On your smartphone, laptop, tablet and pdf for printing.

Train wherever you want: Train in your gym or outdoors/at home – with weights or bodyweight exercises.

Transform your body


You can choose between two options depending on the way that you wish to train and the facilities that you have available.

The gym program is designed especially for the box/gym.

The Bodyweight program is perfect for training at home or outdoors. True to its name, it only includes bodyweight exercises.

Ascertaining the correct training volume for yourself, based on your personal physiology, genetics, lifestyle and training history plays an important role in strength and hypertrophy training. Often it can be hard to work in these factors yourself, which is exactly why a personalised program such as We are Athletes is so useful.

The following principles need to be understood when it comes to training volume:

MV = Maintenance Volume

How much volume you need to maintain your gains.

MEV = Minimum Effective Volume

The least amount of volume necessary to make gains.

MAV = Maximum Adaptive Volume

This is the range of volume in which you will make your best gains. This will change throughout different training mesocycles (see description below), as your body adapts and grows in response to the training stimulus.

MRV = Maximum Recoverable Volume

If you exceed this level then your body is simply not able to grow and recover in response to the training. Consequently you will impede your own progress.


Can I do the program even though I`m a beginner?

Yes, the workout plans will be adapted to your individual fitness level. Taking into account your starting fitness level, you will be introduced to the more challenging exercises step by step. For difficult exercises there is always an easier alternative exercise. Therefore the We Are Athletes program fits everyone who is physically healthy.

Are there vegetarian and vegan nutrition plans?

Yes. You will have access to nutrition plans for vegetarians (pesco and ovo-lacto), vegans, omnivores (with and without fish or protein powder) and the paleo diet.

Do I have to buy expensive or special food?

No. Our successful nutrition concept is based on the combination of ordinary and healthy food suitable for every budget.

How much time do I have to spend on training?

One training session takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Depending on how often you want to work out, you will train 3 to 5 times a week.


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