5 Burpee CrossFit Workouts to Challenge Your Conditioning

The first time I did CrossFit, I was introduced to Burpee CrossFit Workouts. Burpees were the first exercise I learnt and the last move I’ll forget.

They’re a great introductory exercise, not too technical or complicated that people won’t get it and one that works your aerobic capacity, whilst also still good enough to feature at the CrossFit Games.

As for many movements, burpees can be adjusted to be harder: they can be done on walls or box jumps. Jump over the rower burpees are also a thing, together with backflip burpees.

BurpeesSource: CrossFit Inc

An exercise that can be performed pretty much anywhere, there’s no equipment needed to perform a burpee and the constant repetition of getting up and going down can build your character as well as your endurance.

Chances are, you were punished by a sport’s teacher when you were younger for being late or chatting too much with some burpee reps, so they might stir up bad memories.

Burpees can get a bad rep amongst Crossfitters, but we wouldn’t put ourselves through WODs if we didn’t like a challenge. So go ahead and challenge yourself, here are five CrossFit burpee workouts to test you out.


In 2012, the CrossFit Open stared with exactly that, just burpees. The workout looked like this:

  • Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
  • Burpees

Starting from a standing position, move from laying your body flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach.

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