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5 Training Tips to Improve your Snatch Technique for CrossFit Athletes

3. You are as Weak as your Weakest Point

Making your weaknesses your strengths is essential. After asking Giles Greenwood [1] at a GB Camp whether I should do more snatch balance, he just said to me “you will always be as a weak as your catch position”, and this catch position has haunted me throughout my career. Having a huge pull means nothing if your overhead position cannot receive the weight correctly. Weaknesses may always be there, but if you step into the gym tomorrow and attack them they will improve and help your snatch along!

Lauren-Fisher-SnatchSource: CrossFit Inc

4. Pulls, Pulls, Pulls and do them Correctly!

Essential for technique and strength, without these, you cannot get enough mileage on the correct positions for it to carry over into your snatch! Pulls that emphasise control, with a shrug with the shoulders and up onto the toes. Just snatching to improve your snatch is like learning to drive a car under race conditions, you really need some quiet time to work just on control and movement patterns.

Many beginners shy away from pulls often because they do not understand the purpose, nor feel the effect. Pulls do not make you feel like you will snatch the weight because you and the bar are not moving like in a full snatch, but have no fear, they will help your snatch. I recommend five sets of 3 repetitions +10kg more than your best snatch.

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