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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Crossfit WODs

3. Keep a notebook!

Crossfit is NOT a circuit class, it is a program, you can get better at it and the only way to get better and to know if you’re getting better is to keep a log of what you’re doing.

As a beginner, it is quite daunting to look at heavier weights and it’s hard to know when to step it up a little. Generally the same weights are used for certain movements in WOD’s so around 40kg for guys and 30kg for girls, if you’ve been using a 20kg bar for push presses and thrusters etc, your technique is solid and you’re finishing well within the time cap of the workouts then try going up to 25kg for a WOD and see how you go!

If you still finish within the time cap then it was the right thing to do! If you’re standing looking at the barbell for 2 minutes between reps then yes it’s too soon, you don’t know if you don’t try and you’ll usually surprise yourself! When someone knows exactly what weights they’re using for workouts and strength movements, results will happen and if they aren’t then we can actually look at your training log and hopefully see what could be improved!

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