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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Crossfit WODs

4. Crossfit WODs – Accountability!

After the WOD is when you can set yourself up for your next success! Make friends! See someone new? Introduce yourself! Arrange when you’re next going to be there with someone and you’ll have more chance of sticking to it and so will they!

athletes on ringsSource: Squats and Pixels

I don’t think people really realise the power they have. If you hang around with motivated people you will more likely be motivated and vice versa, be more motivated and you WILL influence those around you and they in turn will motivate you! And you know what? Be one of those people that posts about their workouts! You’ve no idea how much a mum in her 40’s can inspire someone just by uploading a picture on social media of themselves being active! Breed positivism by being positive!

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