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8 Feelings All CrossFit Beginners Can Relate To

3. Seeing the whiteboard and realising you can’t do any of the exercises programmed

Once you understand the whiteboard you realise that you can’t do any of the exercises anyway – at least not yet!

Yes, it might be a little demoralising at first, but it also provides a great target to aim towards and ultimately, there’s always something you can improve on. And the day you see something you can do you celebrate like mad – this is your day.

Whether you can RX a workout (another new phrase!) or not, chipping away at the single unders, elevated push ups, ring rows and banded pull ups will help you gain the strength and technique required to progress and improve in the near future.

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4. Realising you are capable of far more than you thought

Who didn’t feel incredibly bad*** when they loaded a barbell with the big plates? That feeling was great.

When before you thought you wouldn’t survive the workout or there wasn’t a chance in hell you’d complete the prescribed number of rounds, through CrossFit you’ve realised that you’re capable of far more than you thought you were.

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