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9 Tips to Get Stronger Faster

Make your gym time worth it.

Looking to improve your strength? Here are 9 tips to get stronger faster that will help you out.

Building muscle takes time, dedication and consistency. That is what everyone says and that is the bottom truth. But….

You can build muscle faster just by doing simple tweaks to your weekly routine. At least that is what Max Posternak says in his list of 9 tips to get stronger faster.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers.

This is not a hack to get stronger faster, but rather a bundle of information that you should know to improve how to make gains as fast as possible.

Check out Posternak’s tips to get stronger faster below.

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9 Tips to Get Stronger Faster

1. Periodisation

Periodisation is when you alternate the weights you use between certain time periods and training sessions. When it comes to knowing the best rep range for strength, most people agree that would be in the 3-5 reps with heavy weights.

But you don’t have to stick to the same rep range to keep getting stronger. In fact, and this is why periodisation is one of the tips to get stronger faster, you should change between rep ranges, as research shows that people who do that get more strength.

A simple way to do this is, for example, to follow the advice below:

  • Low rep range – 3-5 reps for 3 weeks
  • Moderate rep range – 6-10 reps for 3 weeks
  • High rep range – 12-15 reps for 3 weeks

After those 9 weeks have passed, go back to the low rep range and keep repeating. You will find out you can lift heavier weights than the last time you did that specific exercise.

2. Bilateral and Unilateral Exercises

In a nutshell, for the upper body this means mixing up barbell (bilateral) and dumbbell (unilateral) exercises. For lower body movements, you need to focus on one leg at a time for unilateral movements such as Bulgarian split squats, pistol squats or single-leg leg presses.

3. Overall Fat-Free Mass

“If you want to gain strength, make sure to also focus on gaining muscle and body weight. This means being in caloric surplus, doing enough training volume, consuming enough protein and getting enough rest and recovery.”

4. Eat More

tips to get stronger faster

Your performance in the gym is entirely related to your diet. Calories help provide the energy you need for heavy lifting and any physical activity in general.

Aim to eat 200-300 calories above your maintenance as anything above that will likely result in gaining body fat instead of lean mass.

5. External Cueing

Next on this list of tips to get stronger faster is to focus on external cueing. “An external cue would be something like focus on pushing the barbell explosively as if you’re trying to throw it through the ceiling of the gym.”

A study suggested that using external cues increases neuromuscular coordination and efficiency, which leads to heavier lifting or increased power production.

6. Resistance Bands and Chains

There are two main benefits of utilising bands and chains in exercises:

  • Change the resistance curve of the movement
  • Increases power and explosiveness

7. Eccentric Overloading

Eccentric overloading is a technique where the muscle-lengthening portion of the exercise is made harder than the muscle-shortening portion. Muscles produce more force during eccentric contractions and that is why this features in Posternak’s list of tips to get stronger.

You should choose to add eccentric overloading towards the end of your workout session, though.

8. Train More Often

If you are beginner, don’t worry about training more often as you will likely see an increase in muscle quite rapidly. However, once you start hitting plateaus, you will need a higher frequency to maximise strength gains.

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9. Optimise Training Technique

Making sure your form is correct not only will make you stronger, but it will also help prevent injuries. There is usually something that you can adjust to your technique that will give you a boost in strength as a by-product.

And that was Posternak’s list of 9 tips to get stronger faster. To see his full explanation, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Tips to Get Stronger Faster

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