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How To Get Lean and Stay Lean Forever

A science-based approach on how to lose weight and maintain your new weight.

Ready to lose weight for good? Find out how to get lean and stay lean forever according to science.

Losing weight can be difficult for many people. No matter how much you cut down on eating, it seems sometimes that you simply don’t lose any belly fat. And you don’t want to starve yourself off.

You also have begun doing some cardio for fat loss, but know that you should always add weight training to it as well as not to lose muscle while losing weight.

But how to get lean and stay lean forever using scientific studies to back that claim? For that, we get help from Jeff Nippard, a natural professional bodybuilder and fitness coach who shares tips and training programs on his YouTube channel.

In a video, he covered three important strategies on how to get lean and stay lean forever, making long-term fat loss more sustainable. Check it out.

How to Get Lean and Stay Lean Forever

In order for any fat loss to be sustainable so that you understand how to get lean and stay lean forever, here are the three strategies to help you out according to Nippard.

1. Diet More Slowly

Diet slower so that it barely feels like you’re dieting at all. “This mindset is not only okay but actually smarter because it’ll help you not only be chilled throughout the diet process, it will help you stay chill once you get to your goal weight.”

how to get lean and stay lean foreverSource: Nathan Cowley on Pexels

By going slow, you won’t feel deprived or eager to get off the diet, because it won’t feel like you’ve been dieting very hard all along. This will help you maintain the leanness you eventually reach easier.

Nippard advice is to maintain a caloric deficit of 20% below your maintenance.

2. Leverage Habits

There isn’t enough motivation in the world that will make you continue your diet without a single slip. When that happens, if you haven’t built the right habits you’ll start veering off track, but if you can operate on autopilot, then you should not be worried at all.

Some science-based habit-building techniques from Nippard are:

  •  Temptation bundling – pair an activity you want to do with one that supports your weight loss goal (for example, watching tv while doing a workout or exercise).
  • Align your environment with your goals – don’t buy that food at the local store that you know you will overeat.

3. Have a Smart Post-Diet Plan

According to Nippard, you will reach your goals by doing what he described above. But how to get lean and stay lean forever depends much on this last item in his list: a smart post-diet plan.

how to get lean and stay lean foreverSource: Andres Ayrton / Pexels

As motivation decreases once you have already reached your goal, you might revert back to your old habits, hence gaining all the weight you lost. Another problem is people who tend to do reverse dieting.

However, Nippard explains that it is better to go back to your new maintenance caloric right away after reaching your new weight. Keep adding calories to your meals as long as you are maintaining your weight.

“The reason this is a good idea isn’t that it’s a special trick for boosting your metabolism, but rather because if you can eat more food, you will feel less restricted which will make it easier for you to maintain your weight.”

If you don’t like to keep track of calories, at least keep tracking your weight and make sure you are not gaining much weight weekly, but rather maintaining it.

And that was Nippard’s explanation on how to get lean and stay lean forever utilising science-backed arguments. Click on the video below to get a more detailed explanation from the man himself.

VIDEO – How to Get Lean and Stay Lean Forever

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