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AGOQ video review process extended, Fittest on Earth “will be crowned”

The Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) video review process has been extended, CrossFit announced on Monday.

The video review was originally scheduled to be completed by April 13, however, CrossFit HQ has been “focused on supporting CrossFit affiliates dealing with temporary closure,” the organisation wrote in a press release. “The situation has affected efforts to meet the deadline for the qualifier.”

The new deadline is set for April 29, when all penalties and scoring adjustments will be set. Age Group athletes can expect the leaderboard to be final by May 11.

Prior to the announcement of the deadline extension, CrossFit Games tweeted:

“The Fittest on Earth will be crowned. All options for hosting the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games are being explored.”

The definite statement from CrossFit that the Games will move forward was received with mixed reaction.

Yet the announcement means the season’s ought to find its feet again soon; postponed Sanctionals that haven’t set a new date may have to do so soon, to allow more individual athletes and teams a chance to qualify to the Games.

More than half of the scheduled Sanctionals have been postponed, with the French Throwdown, Lowlands Throwdown and Rogue Invitational cancelling their live events this season (and with that decision the possibility for athletes to qualify to the Games). The Rogue Invitational moved the competition online and the French Throwdown hasn’t ruled out a different kind of event should the opportunity present itself.

No more details were released regarding options being explored.

UPDATE: the latest Sanctional to cancel this season are the Atlas Games, the event announced today. Sporting events will not take place in Quebec before August 31st.


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