10 Crossfit Lessons to learn from Annie Thorisdottir


Annie thorisdottir has inspired a whole generation of world class Crossfit athletes, especially in her home country of Iceland. When you speak to athletes such as Katrin Davidsdottir and Thuridur Helgadottir, both multiple Games athletes, it is clear to see the way that these athletes look up to Annie (and enjoy competing with her) so much.

So maybe you’ve not yet quite at Annie’s level, but your performances affect those around you. Didn’t hit that Snatch PR you were aiming for? Instead of storming around in a bad mood blaming the chalk or the bar or the fact that you had the wrong straps on, be humble like Annie. Accept that you have work to do, smile, and treat it as a lesson learned. When you do hit it the PR it will be all the sweeter for it!

Annie thorisdottir on trueform running machineSource: Annie Thorisdottir
Annie is open and honest and shows exactly how far hard work can get you

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