5 Inspiring US Crossfit Girls to watch at the 2016 Games


Sheila started Crossfit in October 2011 after seeing CrossFit Games reruns on ESPN. She looked at her husband and said “Why do those girls get to be on TV? I can do that,” without realizing just how hard those ladies in the Games worked. She found herself at CrossFit Dewitt the following Monday.

Before starting Crossfit in October 2011, Sheila was a gym rat who religiously curled dumbbells and spent hours each week on an elliptical with minimal results and a hunger for a workout that tested her more and was much more exciting. She started like most people, hitting one WOD a day, but before long her “normal” training turned into a full on “addiction” and she found herself on an individualised program, hitting several WODs a day, setting new goals and crushing her weaknesses.

‘At the end of the day if you’re doing what you love then you’re going to be happy’

Wanting to incorporate Crossfit into her entire life, she took her Level 1, CF Kids, Powerlifting and Mobility certifications and became a coach. This Hunger led her to a phenomenal win at the 2016 Central Regionals. Can she carry this awesome momentum over into the CrossFit Games in a few weeks time?

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