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10 Killer Isolation Exercises you MUST be Doing

Upgrade your body and performance.

Check out which isolation exercises you should include in your training, as chosen by Muscle Monsters.

Isolation Exercises

“Compound lifts vs. Isolation…”

“A debate that you’ve heard since you started lifting, except the answer has always been the same: Focus on compound movements.”

“But what if I told you that isolation exercises are more important than you think?”

Tricep Dips WODs skull crushers Perfect Triceps Workout Isolation ExercisesSource: John Fornand on Unsplash

“While I’m not advocating random exercises that simply fatigue your muscles without providing any real stimulus, the right isolation movements in the right amount are crucial for maximizing your results in the gym.”

“In this video, I share the top 10 isolation exercises everyone should be doing.”


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Add the Pallof Press and Cable Crunch into your training.


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