Abs 101 – The Best Step by Step Six Pack Plan (Targets every Area)

Improve your abs.

Welcome to the best step by step six pack plan.

This guide from Jeff at Athlean X will help you to improve your abs and build a six pack.

The Best Step by Step Six Pack Plan

“If you want to get abs then this is the video you need to watch.  Here I will break down for you everything you need to know about getting a six pack fast and how to construct your ab workouts in order to waste no time in doing so.  It starts with the anatomy of the abdominal muscles and realizing that a complete core is not just the abs.  You need to hit a few other key muscles if you want to get your core to look the best it can.”

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“Before getting into the anatomy of the core muscles however you always need to first question the quality of your nutrition.  There is nothing that is going to give you a six pack unless your body fat is low enough to show what you have worked for.  Not even hours of cardio are likely helpful enough to getting you to a body fat goal low enough to reveal a shredded core.  Your nutrition is and always will be paramount to getting a low body fat that is capable of showing visible abs in any light.”

“That said, back to the muscles that make up the complete step by step ab picture.  You want to focus not only on the obvious rectus abdominus muscle but also realize that there are two main ways to hit it.  You can influence the lower abdominal fibres more with bottom up movements that initiate the movement of the spine with the pelvis being moved towards the head.  Vice versa, you can hit the upper fibres a bit more effectively when the shoulders are moved towards the pelvis.”

“Either way, exercise selection is going to matter here as well as the method in which you are performing the exercises and the equipment you use (or forget to) that will take you to another level in ab development.  On that end, many people forget that the ab muscles have a contribution of type II muscle fibers as well.  This means that they respond well to explosive training and can hypertrophy with the right weighted exercises.”

The Best Step by Step Six Pack Plan

“Many people shy away from these thinking that it is going to give them a bulky midsection but that is not the case.  Instead, it is going to help you to get blockier abs that stand out more than those that never include this type of training.  Performing your reps explosively like Steelers All Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown is doing in this video is another key to getting abs that stand at attention in any light.”

“Next you need to be sure you are focusing on including exercises for your obliques and serratus.  These muscles run on a diagonal angle which suggests their high importance in the rotational ab exercises that you should be doing.  Many options for hitting these muscles are included in this video but just be sure you are doing some of them since you can’t overlook these when it comes to the overall picture of getting a ripped midsection.”

“The transverse abdominus is also an area that you want to focus your efforts on if you want to keep a flat belly and good muscle control of your lower abs.  It is easier to activate if you understand the concept of proper breathing with your ab exercises.  You want to be sure that you are exhaling or breathing out but cinching your stomach muscles down (not pushing them out) if you want to develop these muscles properly without causing your ab muscles to protrude or bloat.”

Video – The Best Step by Step Six Pack Plan

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