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Best Training Tip to Help Biceps Grow

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This best training tip to help biceps grow will enable you to build bigger arms.

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Best Training Tip to Help Biceps Grow

“If you have stubborn biceps that don’t seem to respond to any bicep workout that you do, then you need to watch this video.  I’m going to show you how to build bigger biceps by establishing the neuromuscular control over the muscle that is lacking at the minute and is preventing you from seeing the development that is possible.”

“Some will think that the easiest way to add mass to their arms is with heavy biceps training.  While that is normally a good stimulus for muscular overload it can be dramatically less effective if the mind muscle control is lacking.”

Gym Hacks For Bigger Biceps Science Based Tips to Get Bigger Arms Fast concentration curls Best Training Tip to Help Biceps Grow

“A quick way to determine how connected you are to your biceps is to go through the three step contraction sequence shown.  First, you want to put your elbow at your side and bend it to ninety degrees.  The goal is not just to place your arm like this but to squeeze your biceps as hard as possible and see if you can elicit a discomfort from the contraction.  You may not, and this is not that abnormal.  In fact, many with good biceps development will not necessarily feel much discomfort here.”

“Next you want to move your elbow out in front of your body a bit more to get into a bit of shoulder flexion and then supinate the forearm.  This will intensify the contraction on the biceps and should really make you start to feel almost a cramping in the muscle if you are squeezing hard enough.  At this point, if you don’t get this sensation then you are definitely lacking some of the necessary mind muscle connection to get the most out of your biceps training.”

“The final step is to bring the arm up into a flexed position (as if you were asked to make a muscle for someone) and then try again.  Here you should definitely feel the most intense contraction because you are placing the biceps in its most contracted and shortened state.  In fact, if you have a good mind muscle connection then you likely won’t be able to hold the arm up here for long without feeling it start to cramp.”

6 Minutes Biceps Routine

“The solution is a simple 6 minute biceps workout routine that only requires you to do three exercises a few times per week.  You start by performing dumbbell curls with your arms in the midrange position.  Squeeze as hard as you can and move the dumbbells up and down just an inch for 45 seconds.  Rest briefly and repeat once more and move onto the second exercise.  Now you want to perform Dumbbbell Spider Curls.  This mimics the position your arm was in on the second portion of the activation routine.”

“Here again, squeeze the biceps as hard as you can and move the dumbbell up and down just an inch or so for 45 seconds two times.  Finally, perform the biceps flex curl for 45 seconds each set twice on each arm.  This will total up to 6 minutes of working time and will help you to re-engage the biceps.  This routine itself is not what is going to be building bigger biceps.  It is the connection that is established that will allow you to get more results from your heavy biceps workout or specialization day that gets added in.”

Video – Best Training Tip to Help Biceps Grow

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