33 Best Types of Push Up you Must Try

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Welcome to the best types of Push Up that you must try, as compiled by Jeff from Athlean X.

Best Types of Push Up you Must Try

“The push up is one of the most classic exercises of all time when done in its regular form.  That said, push ups also have more variations than any other exercise you can do.  In this video, I’m going to perform 33 push up variations of all ability levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) so that you can always have a version of this exercise that you can use to challenge yourself.”

“One of the biggest mistakes people make is getting complacent with their workout routines.  This is never more obvious than when someone cranks out rep after rep of regular push ups when their strength has since far exceeded that.  It is critical at this point that you aim to perform harder push up variations in order to keep the gains coming.”

Types of Push Up you Must Try

“Here I show 33 different kinds of push ups that help you to build strength, size, power, coordination and even endurance and stamina.  Depending on the push up exercise you choose, you can favour one of these attributes or multiple at the same time.  The important thing to consider is that you need to identify your starting point.  We don’t all start from the same level on any exercise, let alone the push up.”

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“Some people can literally not do a single push up from their toes as they are a beginner and just starting out.  That is perfectly fine.  Here you would want to focus on the first eleven of the push up variations shown.  Most of these are done from the knees which makes them easier by helping to unweight a good portion of the body and require you to lift less during the exercise.  You will notice that even here there are some plyometric versions as well to ensure that you can still work the explosiveness that you may have thought was reserved only for more advanced trainees.”

“Next, in the intermediate category you have eleven more push ups that are more difficult than the first group.  You may find that you can do some of the exercises in this group but not all.  That is fine too.  You want to try and pick the version of the push up that challenges you now.  That is the one you want to work on improving.  Before you know it, you will be doing the advanced versions of push ups and getting a bigger chest and stronger upper body and core.”

“Finally, those advanced push up exercises are no joke.  There are all kinds of challenges built into this group as you will see.  Some will require a heavy dose of coordination in addition to the strength which makes it a very athletic option for push ups.  Others will require brute strength and power to be able to lift your body off the ground high enough to dab or perform the superman.”

Video – Types of Push Up you Must Try

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