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Brazil CrossFit Championship Recap – Rookies Earn Games Invites in Nerve-Wracking Final

The Brazil CrossFit Championship, the tenth Sanctional of the season, wrapped up last Sunday in São Paulo.

The competition established the two new individuals and the team that will be heading to the CrossFit Games this summer.

A nail-biting final, in which only the top eight athletes in the leaderboard could take part in, shuffled the men’s leaderboard and established the female winner. Canadian Adam Davidson and Argentina’s National Champion Melina Rodriguez took the top spots.

Canadian team Taranis Lifetree, comprised of Regionals athletes Caleb Woiwod and Caileigh McDae, together with 2016 Games athlete Christina Steeley and captained by 2015 CrossFit Games team athlete Steve Howell, are the latest team to earn their invitation to compete in Madison this summer.

The CrossFit Games invites went to rookies Adam Davidson and Cecilia Villamil, both of whom have previously been really close to qualifying and finally made it.


Brazil CrossFit Championship Women’s Leaderboard

  1. Melina Rodriguez (586)
  2. Cecilia Ramirez Villamil (584)
  3. Andreia Pinheiro (466)
  4. Anita Pravatti (462)
  5. Luiza Dias (448)


The second Fittest Woman in Mexico came really close to qualifying to the Games last year at the Brazil CrossFit Championship (only a couple of points separated her from eventual qualifier Paige Semenza going into the final event), and found redemption this year.

She was two points off the top spot in the end, and her position was decided on the last workout; an elimination-style workout of seven rounds – “Last Man Standing”, same as last year – with 12/9 Air Bike calories and 12m kettlebell overhead walking lunges, where she finished 6th.

Melina Rodriguez won the seventh and last workout, her third victory of the weekend, and with it climbed to the top of the podium. As Argentina’s National Champion and having finished the worldwide Open ranked 28th, Melina has already secured her spot at the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Therefore, the Brazil CrossFit Championship’s female invite goes to Cecilia Villamil.

The contest for third place was equally as exciting: four points separated Andreia Pinheiro from Anita Pravatti. To put this into perspective, that is a single spot difference in one workout. A second place for Andreia Pinheiro against a third place from Anita Pravatti on the last workout secured the first athlete a podium finish.


Brazil CrossFit Championship Men’s Leaderboard

  1. Adam Davidson (568)
  2. Josh Miller (556)
  3. Guilherme Domingues (484)
  4. Marquan Jones (480)
  5. Rasmus Andersen (478)


After a third-place finish at the Pandaland CrossFit Championship at the beginning of the season, Adam Davidson secured his ticket to the upcoming CrossFit Games. His race for the Games spot was contested throughout the weekend by Josh Miller, and only 12 points separated the athletes in the end.

When only a couple of points separate athletes on the last workout, and it features elimination rounds, the atmosphere and anticipation are sure to be electric.

The race for third place was a close one and wasn’t established until event seven, during the elimination rounds. Guilherme Domingues, Marquan Jones and Rasmus Andersen were all in contention for that podium spot but it’d be the Brazilian National Champion who’d take the spot.


Brazil CrossFit Championship Team’s Leaderboard

  1. Taranis Lifetree (632)
  2. Invictus Brazil (596)
  3. Happy Hearts (450)
  4. CFP9 (428)
  5. Team Treta Blacksheep (422)


With six out of seven top-three finishes, four of which were event wins, Canadian team Taranis Lifetree secured their ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games. They’re the ninth team to qualify to the Games this season.

The team is formed of two previous CrossFit Games athletes, Christina Steeley and Steve Howell, and two multiple-times Regionals athletes, Caleb Woiwod and Caileigh McDae.

The team had good competition coming from Invictus Brazil – who had the home crowd behind them – throughout the weekend.


The Brazil CrossFit Championship introduced “The Scrum” to CrossFit Competition. A tool often used in Rugby, it saw athletes push the foreign piece of equipment across a field and back.

“The event proved itself to be a test of fitness, teamwork, communication and grit,” the Brazil CrossFit Championship wrote on Instagram.

The event kicked off the team competition on Friday and was won by Invictus Brazil. Have a look at how it went down below:


You can find the full leaderboard and event details here.

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