Brazil CrossFit Championship

NEWS – Mekenzie Riley and Will Moorad win the Brazil CrossFit Championship

We’ve recapped all the action from the South American Sanctional.

The last day of the Brazil CrossFit Championship saw athletes go “Up and Side Down” in a workout full of muscle ups and handstand walks. The last event – announced on the day – was unusual and very exciting.

“Last Man Standing” had athletes complete the same workout, a 20 Cal Assault Bike and 12m KB OH walking lunge, in seven elimination rounds with the last athlete who finished each round being eliminated.

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🇧🇷 A final masculina deixou todo mundo eletrizado pois Will Moorad que estava em primeiro lugar geral acabando sendo eliminado logo no início e precisava que Saxon Panchik ficasse em pelo menos 3º lugar para não perder a liderança . 🇺🇸 The final event for the men’s division made everybody feel electrified as Will Moorad who as the overall leader got eliminated in the first rounds and needed that Saxon Panchik ended at least in 3rd in order to keep the leadership . Results of the final event: 1. Jonh Wood 2.Alezandre Caron 3.Zach Watts . 📷 @joy_image Sponsors: @fortifyequipamentos @reebokbrasil @anjosdowod @bearcosports @aubicon Supported by: @crossx.oficial Watch live: @tvnsports

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  1. Mekenzie Riley – 632 pts
  2. Paige Semenza – 564 pts
  3. Carolyne Prevost – 550 pts
  4. Cecilia Ramirez Villamil – 544 pts
  5. Alison Scudds – 520 pts

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🇧🇷 E com vocês, o pódio feminino do Brazil Crossfit Championship! . Na briga pela vaga no Games, Semenza e Villamil chegaram à final com a diferença de apenas 2 pontos no leaderboard. O último evento seria, de fato, decisivo! Durante a prova eliminatória, Cecilia foi eliminada logo no 3º round, deixando a segunda colocação na competição para Semenza e consequentemente, a vaga no Games. A primeira colocada do BCC, Mekenzie, já estava classificada para o Games 2019! . This is the Women’s podium . In the fight for the spot in the CrossFit Games, Semenza and Villamil got to the end with a 2 point difference in the leaderboard. The last event would be, in fact, decisive! During the eliminatory event, Cecilia was eliminated in the 3rd round leaving the spot for the 2nd place to Semenza and consequently the games invitation. Mekenzie Riley who placed 1st in the competition is already qualified for the Games 1. Mekenzie Riley 🇺🇸 2. Paige Semenza 🇺🇸 3. Carol Prevost 🇨🇦 . 📷 @joy_image Sponsors: @fortifyequipamentos @reebokbrasil @anjosdowod @bearcosports @aubicon Supported by: @crossx.oficial

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Dark horse Cecilia Villamil went out on round 3 of the last evet, allowing Paige Semenza to get the lead she needed over her and, finally, win an invitation to the Games.


  1. Will Moorad – 578 pts
  2. Saxon Panchik – 572 pts
  3. Spencer Panchik – 520 pts
  4. Sean Sweeney – 512 pts
  5. Alexandre Caron – 476 pts

The last event was beautiful to watch, especially when everyone stepped in to cheer Saxon Panchik on during the last round of Last Man Standing when, exhausted, he stumbled on the floor having realised the event win wasn’t his anymore.

Moorland went into Sunday ranked first and held on to his place all the way to the end of the Brazil CrossFit Championship, he has therefore received an invitation to the Games.

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🇧🇷 O pódio masculino terminou assim: . Mais uma briga acirrada para a vaga em Madison. Com eliminatórias sendo decididas através de vídeo, Moorad e Saxon Panchik deram um show na arena e a prova final foi um show a parte! Eles terminaram com uma diferença de apenas 6 pontos no leaderboard, dando a Moorad a vaga no Games. . 🇺🇸Men's podium ended like this: . Another tough fight for Madison. With qualifiers being decided by video, Moorad and Saxon Panchik put on a show in the arena and the final event was a show apart! They finished with a difference of only 6 points in the leaderboard, giving Moorad the spot in the Games. . 1. Will Moorad 🇺🇸 2. Saxon Panchik 🇺🇸 3. Spencer Panchik 🇺🇸 . 📷 @joy_image Sponsors: @fortifyequipamentos @reebokbrasil @anjosdowod @bearcosports @aubicon Supported by: @crossx.oficial

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  1. Team PRO1 – 684 pts
  2. Team CRSC – 644 pts
  3. Invictus X – 600 pts
  4. Indomáveis – 448 pts
  5. East Woodbridge – 446 pts

Invictus X lost their chance to reclaim a spot at the Games, and it will be Canada’s Team PRO1 heading to Madison this summer.

Have a look at the full leaderboard here.

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