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Brazilians Dominate the Copa Sur CrossFit Semifinal

Of all 6 qualifying spots, only one, in the teams’ division, was not Brazilian.

Brazilians have dominated the inaugural Copa Sur CrossFit Semifinal this past weekend. Guilherme Malheiros, Victoria Campos and Q21 CrossFit have been crowned champions (the latter is the only qualifying spot fulfilled by non-Brazilians).

The Copa Sur was the only South American Semifinal that would hand out CrossFit Games invitations to the top 2 men, women and teams. Needless to say, the competition was tough, but Brazilians who went to Vitória to watch the events must have been pleased with an almost all-Brazilian sweep at the podium.

Copa Sur Results


1stGuilherme Malheiros544Brazil
2ndPedro Martins464Brazil
3rdAgustin Richelme443Argentina
4thNicolas Bidarte390Argentina
5thLucas da Rosa380Brazil
6thAnderon Primo362Brazil
7thPiero Gorichon358Chile
8thEsteban Ospina354Colombia
9thMaximiliano Arigossi348Argentina
10thLuiz Henrique Alves Moreira341Brazil

Who Will Make it to the Games?

  • Guilherme Malheiros
  • Pedro Martins

Who is invited to the Last-Chance Qualifier?

  • Agustin Richelme
  • Nicolas Bidarte
  • Lucas da Rosa

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1stVictoria Campos516Brazil
2ndJulia Kato460Brazil
3rdClaudia Espinosa444Ecuador
4thAmanda Fusuma440Brazil
5thLuiza Marques436Brazil
6thMelina Rodriguez402Argentina
7thAndreia Pinheiro398Brazil
8thConstanza Cabrera377Chile
9thValentina Rangel363Colombia
10thAlexia Williams342Argentina

Who Will Make it to the Games?

  • Victoria Campos
  • Julia Kato

Who is invited to the Last-Chance Qualifier?

  • Claudia Espinosa
  • Amanda Fusuma
  • Luiza Marques

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1stQ21 CrossFit580Argentina
2ndCrossFit Ribeirão Preto465Brazil
3rdCrossFit Berrini Team Treta445Brazil
4thKingbull CrossFit Paraguay445Paraguay
5thCrossFit Tuluka425Argentina

Who Will Make it to the Games?

  • Q21 CrossFit
  • CrossFit Ribeirão Preto

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Copa Sur Recap

The most intriguing and exciting moment of the night was workout 6 for individuals as it entailed an elimination-style event with only the top 10 athletes moving forward after the first round.

Although Guilherme Malheiros did not make it to the 2nd round at the final event, he was nowhere near worried that someone would take his top spot on the podium. The most impressive moment for the crow was when the new Mayhem athlete scored a 356-pound lift on event 3, a whopping 30 pounds heavier than the 2nd place.

The battle for the second and last Games qualifying spot was between another Mayhem Athlete, Agustin Richelme, and the newcomer Pedro Martins with the latter taking over 2nd placement at the end of day 2 and making sure to keep a safe distance from Richelme on the leaderboard.

In the women’s division, another Mayhem athlete made waves and secured the title this weekend: Victoria Campos. Although she did not win any event, she manages to finish within the top 10 in every workout, guaranteeing her spot on the top of the podium.

Julia Kato snatched the 2nd placement with ease, especially after winning the last event of the night. Both Kato and Campos are going to compete at the CrossFit Games for the first time in their career.

The only non-Brazilian flag to fly on the top of the podium this weekend was held by the Q21 CrossFit team. The Argentinian won 4 out of 6 events, with the remaining two in the 3rd placement. CrossFit Ribeirão Preto came in 2nd a surprising 115 points behind.

Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Last-Chance Qualifier and CrossFit Games Dates

 The Last-Chance Qualifier is the final opportunity for athletes who are close to finishing in a qualifying spot on their respective CrossFit Semifinal competition. Two CrossFit Games invitations will be sent to the top 2 men and women at the Last-Chance Qualifier.

The Last-Chance Qualifier is an online competition and takes place from June 29 to July 1.

The CrossFit Games will take place in Madison, Wisconsin. The CrossFit Games takes place on August 3-7.

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