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CrossFit Release New Ways to Find Cheating Athletes in the 2018 Season

From doping to looping videos (as crazy as it sounds) there are often individuals that attempt to cheat their way to success. Here is what you can do to help ensure fairness and transparency. 

Text from Games.crossfit.com.

“The intent of the CrossFit Games is to find the fittest athletes on Earth. As the world’s definition and test of fitness, CrossFit and CrossFit-sanctioned competitions stand not only as a testament to the athletes who compete, but to the training methodologies they use. We rely on the integrity of the community to assist us in upholding the stated rules in our worldwide test. 

If you suspect an athlete, affiliate or team of cheating, it is encouraged that you report the violation in the correct manner. The CrossFit Games have set up forms and methods for submitting an anonymous allegation. Find out more here.”

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