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CrossFit Community Reacts to the Mass Firings, Rumours and 2019 Regionals Changes

So I’m sure that you’ve already heard that last Tuesday more than 40 CrossFit Staff were fired. This is close to 30 – 40% of the members of CrossFit’s Santa Cruz, CA office.

The vast majority of these individuals were from The CrossFit Games media team working in video, photography, graphic design and logistics for The CrossFit Games. There are many other thoughts currently being aired about the forthcoming changes to The 2019 CrossFit Regionals. You can learn more from our inside sources:

Huge Changes Coming for Regionals, Invitationals and The 2019 CrossFit Games Season

Check out what other top commentators on Crossfit had to say:

Armen Hammer

Craig Richey


What do you think about these changes? Is Glassman taking CrossFit in the right direction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below:

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