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Huge Changes Coming for Regionals, Invitationals and The 2019 CrossFit Games Season

Our insider sources have told us the following.

  • The Lift Off will be cancelled
  • The CrossFit Invitational will be cancelled


According to our sources, there is a strong chance that the Regionals format that we all know and love will completely change! It looks like there will be a series of different events that will now count towards qualification for The CrossFit Games. Rumours have talked about competitions such as the Dubai Fitness Championship amongst others. 

We will keep you informed with all the latest updates on these potential changes. 

This news has arisen out of the mass firings that took place last week

Last Tuesday more than 40 CrossFit Staff were fired. This constitutes around 30 – 40% of the members of CrossFit’s Santa Cruz, CA office.

Most of these individuals worked in The CrossFit Games media team in video, photography, graphic design and logistics for The CrossFit Games.

Read more here about Greg Glassman’s vision for the future of CrossFit

What do you think about these changes? Is it good or bad to alter Regionals and how do you feel about the cancellation of the invitationals? 

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