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CrossFit Games Athlete Kara Webb Gets Married!

Kara Webb is now Kara Saunders, as her updated profile on The CrossFit Games website reveals. She married her partner Matty, someone that has been a huge help for her as an athlete.

Mattie and KaraSource: Kara
Mattie and Kara

This is reflected as in her impressive 2nd place finish at the 2017 CrossFit Games in Madison.

Kara Webb New NameSource: CrossFit Inc

Kara: “2017 you were hectic. The hardest year of my life but the best. I removed the toxic parts of my life and embraced the good. I worked so hard I kinda broke a few times, and took some of the biggest chances in the hope of being better and having a better life.
In 2018 I’m keen to work even harder but with more naps with Matty and the puppies, less drama, and bulk appreciation for how far we’ve come.”


Here she is behind the scenes at The Games.


CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Kara Webb Before She Was Famous

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