CROSSFIT NEWS – Latest Update from Camille-Leblanc Bazinet’s Surgery

Camille dislocated her shoulder at The CrossFit Games and was forced to withdraw.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet: “Sometimes you get to appreciate things a lot more when they are taken away from you. I cannot wait to get back up side down. #workhard #beproud#rehab #postsurgery #labrum”

“surgery went well thank you to everyone for sending prayers my way. Learned that my rotator cuff and biceps were looking really good so that’s very good news. Keep sending me some good vibes I really do believe that they help. Sending love to all of you guys who thought of me it means so much 💕💕💕😘”

So 2 weeks ago I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum very badly … I rehab it the best I could and came into this weekend hoping to have a smooth weekend without bad luck… my shoulder was feelling pretty okay going into competition but during the bike event my bike slipped and I fail on my bad shoulder and it came out again… I was waiting after to see what would happen but it felt like it was coming out of its socket so I decided to pull myself out and try to get a speedy recovery instead of maybe maybe being able to compete a little bit and not at full capacity with a big chance to injure myself even more…. please don't feel sorry for me this is just life and i guess it's a 2 year plan this time… btw sorry to everyone who put me in their top 10 pick em from reebok 😂🙈#joke #Repost @crossfitgames ・・・ @camillelbaz, already dealing with a shoulder injury, confirmed that she dislocated her shoulder in a fall on the o-course. – "I fell on it and it just came out. … I kind of wanted to puke. The adrenaline kicked in and I just put it back in." – She was in tears at the finish line but better spirits back at the athlete tent. – "Now it feels really unstable." — The eight-time CrossFit Games qualifier has withdrawn from the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. 📷 @rubywolff

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