Dave Castro Releases Last Clue for 2020 CrossFit Open

Dave Castro, the mastermind behind the CrossFit Open workouts, has already warned that this week’s Open won’t compare to anything we’ve done before.

“Good two weeks but nothing’s gonna compare to week five, nothing. None of the other tests we’ve ever done,” he said on Instagram after sharing his thoughts on 20.4.

This week’s clue is a picture of a red spork captioned, as usual,




Because it’s the last week, chances of guessing this workout (or deciphering the clue) are higher.

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Here are some of our favourite guesses:

  • kathleentamblyn: “It says light my fire, were all done for ?”
  • zachoritegeler: “Couplet, opposing movements”
  • boxscore_fitness: “This is a different kind of fork/spoon combo than the traditional “spork” which leads me to think it will a derivative of Toy Story 4 (shout-out to sporky). In Toy Story 4 we see many acrobatics which leads me to think muscle ups, wall balls, and rowing…. And cuz those are the three movements left. Once again… Too easy”
  • noneeyaa: “We are forked”
  • lamdesign: “There are 2 parts to this workout. just like last year. 20.5a. 20.5b”
  • danperrier: “Choose your weapon”

And finally:

  • blacksmifff: “Finally we’ve reached the ultimate week of the ultimate 2019 open. My team and I have worked tirelessly to provide you all with the cutting edge Dave-alysis that you deserve and are happy to report that we once again we’ve ascertained this weeks fun and can only hope that Dave chooses to follow through this time. In regards to 20.5, let us examine this Mobius spork. Mr. Castro has gone on the record stating we’re doing something we’ve never done before this week a-la Jamie Foxx and reading this picture from left to right, we see the gentle curves of the spoon give way to the angry tines of the fork. They are similar in shape, but different in the sting they provide. Regarding things we’ve never done before in the Open, one easily sees that this is a reference to our upcoming DOUBLE SCORED METCON. This metcon will include a row and BMU couplet, followed by a row combined with the BMUs angry brother on the rings. The usage of a eating utensil indicates that everyone will have to “eat it” equally on this workout, showing that we’ll be expected to aim for max repetitions in each of the 4 (see fork) minute blocks. My staff and I look forward to seeing you all next year. Good luck to everyone, me especially :(”

Our amateur guess.

Taking the spork as it is, it’d be really interesting to see a two-part workout 20.5. It would shake up the leaderboard and raise the stakes at the end of the Open, when usually the leaderboard is pretty set and there’s little room for mobility up and down.

Considering this is the 10th Open, and that the first ever Open in 2011 consisted of six workouts, it’d be fitting to add a 20.6 as a form of commemoration. CrossFit is known for liking to pay homage to past events and milestones – think 2016 CrossFit Games, when athletes were flown to the Ranch, where the CrossFit Games started, to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

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Good luck to everyone doing 20.5!

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