What is the Godzilla CrossFit Workout?

When browsing for Godzilla Crossfit workout, two different WODs pop up. First one comes from Kenneth Leverich and is dated back to 2011. Another Godzilla can be found on Ben Bergeron’s Competitors WOD blog, published in 2013 and made to challenge Jon Pera, Mat Fraser and other advanced level athletes.

Ben is known for challenging his athletes from time to time, remember 100 Rounds of HSPU, Cleans and Burpees: WOD by Ben Bergeron? Godzilla is no exception. It has a similar scheme as the other heavy weight King Kong, 1-2-3-4, two of those being gymnastics and the other two weightlifting movements.

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In this case pulling is exchanged for squatting, 166 for men, 111 kg for women. Squat cleans are changed with more demanding squat snatches, 102 for men, 66 kg for women. Legless rope climbs and deficit handstand push ups are the gymnastics part.

Godzilla, done by Kenneth Leverich, includes a 136 kg overhead squat with regular rope climbs, three 91 kg snatches and four ring muscle-up to handstand push-ups.

In any case, both workouts demand high-level gymnastics and weightlifting skills. If you are a beginner, skip this one and start with easier, more simple Crossfit workouts.

Godzilla I

What’s the task?

3 rounds for time:

1 legless rope climb (15 ft, 4.57 m)
2 squat snatches (225/145 lbs, 102/66 kg)
3 back squats (365/245 lbs, 166/111 kg)
4 deficit handstand push-ups (13/9 in, 33/23 cm)

Start with legless rope climbs, continue with two snatches, three back squats and four deficit handstand push ups.

What counts at the end?

Time it took you to complete all three rounds.

Video: Mat Fraser

166 kg back squat in a workout coupled with 102 kg snatch? Don’t call 911, ask for Mat Fraser. He finished the workout in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

Godzilla II

The second Godzilla is no less brutal, quite the opposite, it’s probably even harder. First exercise that needs some explanation is the ring muscle-up to handstand push-up. The movement begins with a muscle up – getting into a lower dip position. From there on you switch to upside down the rings and pull yourself into a handstand push up, wrap your legs around the straps – while still holding to the rings – and press yourself up.

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The second gymnastics movements are regular rope climbs. Right after you have done a 136 kg overhead squat. Before going into four muscle-up to handstand push-ups, you have to finish three 91 kg snatches.

What’s the task?

3 rounds for time:

1 overhead squat (300 lbs, 136 kg)
2 rope climbs (15 ft, 4.57 m)
3 squat snatches at (200 lbs, 91 kg)
4 muscle-up to handstand push-up

What counts at the end?

Time it took you to complete all three rounds.

Video: Kenneth Leverich

Kenneth Leverich is a 27-year-old athlete from Southern California. In 2014 he won the SoCal Regional ahead of Josh Bridges and Dan Bailey. He later finished in 19th at last year’s CrossFit Games. His finished at the recent California Regional was 7th place, which left him out of the qualifying places for the Games in July.

So which one do you think is harder?

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