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10 Effective Home Workouts from Camille Leblanc Bazinet to Build Conditioning, Fitness and Muscle


5 minutes:

✅ 1 V-up
✅ 1 Left leg V-up
✅ 1 Right leg V-up
✅ 1 V V-up
✅ 1 Tuck crunch

Complete as many of this complex as you can in 5 minutes. Close your eyes and enjoy the burn! ?

Scale the range of motion, bend your legs or assist yourself by putting your hands on the floor. Choose the version that help you keep moving through the 5 minutes ?⭐️


Clean n Jerk + Burpees workout

Tag a friend and keep following along for our full length workout coming Wed! ?

7 rounds
✅ 10 dumbbell clean n jerk
✅ 10 burpees jump over

Comment below with your score and check out our program, link in profile! ?

Clean n Jerk: Choose a weight that allows you to keep moving without having to stop too much. If it is too much stretch in your hamstring to go all the way to the floor, cut the range of motion and stop below your knees.

Burpees: Choose an option that makes you keep moving. If you have to step back and step forward to keep moving please do so.

Enjoy the BURN! ?

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