Excellent Endurance Tips from Lukas Högberg, 2019 Games Ruck Run Winner

Lukas Högberg is a five-time CrossFit Games athlete and 2018 Games podium finisher. The Swedish athlete is well known for his impressive endurance and love for running; he won the 2019 CrossFit Games Ruck event (6,000-m ruck run with a 20-30-40-50-lb. pack) and came second during the Marathon Row in the 2018 Games.

Learn from this powerhouse and apply these four excellent endurance tips to your training.

Words by Lukas Högberg

Endurance Tip 1: Mix Long and Slow with Fast and Short

To improve you conditioning you need to run long slow distance and also intervals ???

Depending on your lvl of conditioning, the split of long slow distance sessions and interval sessions needs to be different. But both are super important ⚠️

Many people tell me they hate to run ? usually this are the case when you don’t know how to make a plan for it, or how it works to get better in the running!

If you know how to start and make a sustainable plan you will probably like or maybe even love to run ? and to know why & how you should do it will give you the best motivation to continue ??

My 2nd session today was this ??
4 set of:
800m run up.
700 m run down.
100 m walk to starting position
Total incline (altitude meters) 500m

This intervall was all about pacing. Not going all out from the start. Maintain a high HR but not max ?


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Endurance Tip 2: Improve Your Conditioning through Running

I see CrossFit as a conditioning sport and not as a lifting sport. Most of my training I spend on getting a better conditioning. It will make me recover faster, run faster and also be able to PR my workouts times. I train in blocks every year. I never completely stop doing CrossFit, running or lifting. It’s just different times of the year I put more time on different things ?

One of the best ways to improve your conditioning is by running. The more muscle you use at the same time the better conditioning training you will get. To make it even better I usually run in the forest. To run in non lactic tempo (long slow distance) is very important to be able to keep developing your conditioning. As well as the interval training!


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