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10 Effective Home Workouts from Camille Leblanc Bazinet to Build Conditioning, Fitness and Muscle


Strength portion

3 Position Bicep Curls

3 rounds
Triceps Death Complex
Isometric Bicep Curls complex

7 min
10 Weighted hip bridge
5x Jumping Lunge, Jumping Lunge, Jumping Squat


10 minutes Full Body Workout ⭐️

10 Minutes:
10 Clean and Jerk + Overhead Squat
10 Push-up + Shoulder tap

Try to get as many rounds completed in the 10 minutes window!

For the weightlifting:
Choose a weight that allows you to keep moving through the whole thing with proper form and is also challenging. To heavy is when you start to do funky things or rest too much

For the bodyweight:
Choose an option for the push-up that allows your to keep moving and not break more than once each round. Reduce the load if needed by going to your knees or doing them at an incline with the hands higher than the feet.

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