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How Much Muscle Can You Grow In 30 Days?

If you do everything right, what is the possible outcome after a month?

Imagine you have all the right information about nutrition and fitness and have access to the best equipment possible. How much muscle can you grow in 30 days? That is what Ben Polson set out to discover.

Ben Polson was the first Australian Ninja Warrior in 2020. He has a dedicated YouTube channel in which he uploads videos with a bit of humour regarding mindset and fitness.

With that impressive background in overall fitness, it is safe to assume that Ben Polson knows a thing or two about how to stay fit. So he already has a good and healthy lifestyle and knows how to perform exercises correctly. The question posed to him was: how much muscle can you grow in 30 days? This is what he found.

How Much Muscle Can You Grow In 30 Days?

First, he found out his body composition to discover how much he would grow after 30 days of eating properly and lifting weights.

  • 83 kg (183 lbs)
  • 7.5% body fat percentage

Polson did a 3-day split of push/pull/leg workout.

Push = upper body exercises where you are pushing against a resistance (bench press, dips, tricep extension, for example).

Pull = exercises where you are pulling against a resistance (lat pulldown, seated row, bicep curls, for example).

Leg = pretty much everything revolving squats.

Throughout the 30 days, he always performed 3 sets of 8-12 reps of each exercise for optimal muscle building.

Unspoken rules of the gym

To build more muscle he had to eat more calories than what his body usually burns. In other words, he had to be in a caloric surplus.

Polson after the second week began to do supersets and drop sets.

In the end, his body composition was this:

  • 86 kg (189 lbs)
  • 8% body fat percentage

So he managed to get 3 kilos after 30 days. It is unclear if those 3 kilos were pure muscle or somewhat mixed with fat.

So, how much muscle can you grow in 30 days? For Joe was 3 kilos. If you want to know more about his process and how he achieved it, check out the video below.

VIDEO – How Much Muscle Can You Grow In 30 Days?

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