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VIDEO – 9-Year-Old Rory van Ulft Deadlifts 111 Kg (244 lbs), 3x Her Body Weight

Aurora Rory van Ulft has impressed the world once again.

Aurora van Ulft, most commonly known as Rory van Ulft, is a 9-year-old girl who managed to deadlift 111 kilos (244 lbs) which accounts for more than 3x her body weight.

Rory van Ulft is a 3x US Youth National Weightlifting Champion. She is gathering fame online for her determination and impressive lifts at such a young age. Recently, she shared on her Instagram what appears to be her PR deadlift – she chose the sumo deadlift technique for it.

9-Year-Old Rory van Ulft Deadlifts 111 Kilos

According to the caption on her Instagram, Rory was exactly 9 years and 217 days when she performed an impressive 111 kilos (244 lbs) deadlift.

Weighing only 32.36 kilograms, the deadlift she performed is actually 3.43 times her body weight.

By now you should already be impressed by this feat, but check out these other facts to have your mind blown.

Rory van Ulft’s deadlift was, according to Open Powerlifting, one kilo heavier than the 2nd heaviest all-time raw deadlift in the Men’s Youth division 53-kilogram class which was done by Elbrus Dzhatiev at the 2019 Power Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) European Cup.

110 kilos is currently the 3rd heaviest all-time raw deadlift in the Men’s Youth division 66-kilogram class.

In other words, a 9-year-old girl who weighs only 32 kilos has performed a heavier deadlift than one of the heaviest deadlifts of all time from the boys’ division weighing 53kg and 66kg.

In April this year, she did the same deadlift but with “only” 100 kilos. The year before, she shared a video deadlifting 90 kilos (a 3.1x her body weight at the time).

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