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How to Build Muscle: Bulking Up for Skinny Guys

4. How to Build Muscle – TRACK YOUR CALORIES

Another mistake I made for a long time was not actually keeping track of how many calories I was eating. I just assumed I was eating around what I needed to be eating to gain weight. When I finally decided to track how much I was eating it turns out I was 300-400 calories under my goal even though it felt like I was eating tons of food.

How to Build Muscle
Max effort, pure intensity

If you want, you can buy a scale and actually weigh out your food. This helps a lot in the beginning so that you familiarize yourself with portion sizes and the amount of calories they contain. Otherwise, you can use a cup to measure what you can and do a good estimate for the rest. But make sure you’re consistently tracking your food as this will truly make a huge difference.

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